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Love Potions Recipes

by on January 23, 2012

Love Potions Recipes


Love Potions Recipes 

For centuries people have believed that love potions recipes could help make someone fall in love with them, or at the very least help them to attract love, either from a specific person, or generally. Such potions have the common features of magical stories passed down the ages, as are the recipes of the potions themselves. Here is some essential background, the ancient Greeks called it a Philtre, and probably used the magical herb Dittany as the main magical ingredient in their special potions for love. These special brews were used to bind a lover to them, and to arouse love and sexual desire in those who they adored by using magical ingredients such as Dittany of Crete.

Love potion recipes and special love incantations have been passed down throughout the ages, and many people still use them today to help attract real love into their lives.

Love potions, to attract love from a specific person, are best mixed by you and drunk by the object of your desire at the start of the Waxing Moon, however, certain potions can be drunk by the person who wants to attract the love and affection. It will help them become more attractive and desirable to the object of their desire.

Through the ages we have been fascinated with the idea of love potions or a magic elixir that creates instant love or passion but does the Love Potion No. 9 really exist?

A love potion has three important elements, one or two elements that constitute the potent “Magic.” The “Magic” of the potion has to have a medium by which it can be drunk and this constitutes the beverage.

Love Potions Recipes; Do They Really Work?

The love potion must then be drunk, while aligning the influence of the Moon to help manifest the love wish and mixing and drinking the Love Potion on the start of the Waxing (growing) Moon, will help love to grow.

The magic potion should only be created with the best of intentions. The potion must be mixed and drunk at the right time, and with one or more suitably enchanted or magical ingredients. Remember that any love potion must be made with love, from healthy and natural ingredients, and must taste good because a bitter, unhealthy or unnatural potion will without doubt produce a bitter response from the object of your desire.

The best way to maximize the influence of the Love Potion is to get the object of your desire to drink it, of his or her own free will, because this way, the giver of the potion will attract the love and attention of the person who receives the potion. Many amusing storylines for television and the movies have hinged on the notion of the wrong person receiving and drinking the potion!

Love potions recipes can be drunk by the person who creates it, with appropriate ingredients and in the correct way. This kind of potion will act as a charm or love spell to increase attractiveness and the likelihood of being loved, when accompanied by an appropriate incantation.

Should you decide to consider alcohol in a Love Potion, it is important to use it sparingly because too much alcohol could have the opposite effect rather than predisposing someone to love you more. The use of light red or rose wine is a common ingredient for potions of this kind also.

Color plays an important influence in the effectiveness of a love potion, so red ingredients will work well. This is because red is the color of love and passion and an effective passionate potion is made from red wine. Red wine, red fruit juices such as cranberry and strawberry, and red edible flower petals, can all produce a vivid and sexy red coloring for the a love potion.

Love Potions Recipes; The Truth

Did you know that some of the best love potions recipes are made with green tea using pure spring water? Fresh herbs are added, as well as fruit juices and honey, then a special incantation is uttered when mixed, invoking the power of love and passion to the special liquid.

We have mentioned that a love potion is best mixed at the start of the Waxing Moon, and a magical ingredient included, such as an herb bathed overnight in the light of the full moon or fresh leaves of mint or fruit trees blessed by a white witch. The magical herb Dittany from Crete; either dried or its essential oil can be used.

We all know that scent plays a major role in the art of passion and we also know that essential oils can have noticeable effects on our moods and physical responses.

Does this mean that essential oil blends are the answer? Science has been unable to provide any concrete answers, however, research any folklore medicine references and you will certainly find all kinds of herbal folklore suggestions and talisman ideas.

Actual formulas are not given here, because the power of a potion lies with the creator of the blend. The oils are listed in terms of what portion of the blend they form: MA=major, MI=minor, T=trace and if there is an asterisk (*) after the oil, that indicates the oil is a possible irritant and should be used with caution.

Mixing a blended in a glass bottle or vial, (most essential oils will dissolve many plastics), start with five drops for a MA and three for a MI and one drop for a T. Smell the result and add more of what you like to create your perfect love blend. When you are finished, hold the bottle between your hands for five minutes while concentrating on your loved one. Your body will warm the oils to complete the blend and your personal energies will be transferred into the mix, making it truly unique to you.

Attraction – Patchouli (MA), Lavender (MA), Cedarwood (MI)

Binding Love – Ylang Ylang (MA), Jasmine (MA), Champa (MI), Tuberose (MI), White Wine (MI). For this one, place a few drops of this on your lover’s and your heart to bind them in your mutual love for eternity.

Increased Desire – Jasmine (MA), Vanilla (MI), Musk (MI)

Arouse Your Passion – Jasmine (MA), Rose (MA), Sandalwood (MA), Patchouli (MA), Camphor* (T)

Secret Desires – heliotrope (MA), Cedarwood (MA), Rose (MA), Frankincense (T)

Love Me – Rose (MA), Sandalwood (MA), Jasmine (MI)

Enhance Your Romance – Rose (MA), Gardenia (MI), Lavender (MI)

Become Sensuous – Ambergris (MA), Jasmine (MI), Musk (MI), Frankicense (T)

I thought it would be fun to pull out some love potion recipes and let you decide if you want to try any to see for yourself but I will not be held responsible for the consequences – good, bad or otherwise. Just remember the old saying “Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it!”

Moon Potion

Place a mix of dried herbs (2-3 teaspoons) on a saucer and leave on the window ledge in the light of the moon overnight (Full Moon is best), then use rosemary and sage as the herbs – add a pinch of dried Dittany of Crete if possible. On any evening of the Waxing Moon place the herbs in a bowl or cup and add boiling spring water and let the herbs infuse for 10 minutes. Add the juice of a small lemon and a teaspoon of honey and before drinking the Moon Potion say these words:

Goddess of the Earth and of Prophesy,
Each wish in your name must come to be
So with this loving Moon Blessed Tea
I [your name] do ask this of Thee
That, [your heart’s desire] be drawn to me So mote it be

When the potion is drunk you can expect love and passion to come to you from your heart’s desire.
Note that all these blends can be used in diffusers, used to scent body powders, to create a scented spray, in a massage oil or as a personal scent (dilute to 1% in jojoba) and worn on pulse points.

Red Passion Potion

On the start of the Waxing Moon, add the following ingredients to a pan, then heat and simmer gently for 10 minutes, allow the potion to cool. This potion keeps well in the fridge.

* 2 small glasses of red wine
* 1 small glass of cranberry or strawberry juice
* 2 cloves
* 2 drops of Dittany Essential Oil (use vanilla essence if you have no Dittany)

When the time is right and the opportunity is present, give one glass to your heart’s desire and one for yourself and be careful no one else drinks the love potions recipes before you need it! Whenever you use Love Potions, make sure you are certain of the object of your affections, and be careful not to allow anyone else to drink them!

May you find love in your life and peace in your heart.

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