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Simple Love Spell

by on January 23, 2012

Simple Love Spell


Simple Love Spell

If you want to cast a simple love spell and use magic you must know several things first. You must be aware of a few basic rules that play a major role in the basics of casting a simple love spell. How well your love spell actually turns out is based on several factors and here are a few of them:

How much real experience do you have in casting love spells?

Do you have a real spell script that can deliver results in a fast and safe manner?

Does the love spell you want to cast contain the right components?

Where did you get the love spell you want cast and was it from a spell caster with a good reputation and a long history of successful castings to help people like yourself?

The art of love spell casting can be very easy or very complicated depending on where you start and what kind of training you get. If you have no training in love spell casting then it is very important that you find a very simple love spell that you can cast from simple items you find around the house and they should have detailed directions on how to cast love spells with them. Searching this way you will find exactly the kind of love spell casting you need to begin with.

Real love spells will have some of all of the items listed below…

1. Red or pink candles
2. A personal item from your lover
3. A picture of your lover
4. Flower pedals
5. Crystals
6. Incense
7. Water (rain water)

The above items are just a few items you will find in legit and real love spell castings. So, if the Spell you are looking at doesn’t have any of the above items it does not necessarily mean that it is a fake. This is just a simple reference list that you can use to ensure the casting they have given you is actually real and if the love spell casting requires a pink candle and a photo, the odds are very good that it is a legit spell.

Anyone can throw together a love spell and make it look legit so be sure the information you get is from a real spell caster that is a proven reputable source on the subject. A lot of people seek a sustained and meaningful relationship with a person of their choosing to make them happy. While love can offer unprecedented levels of ecstasy and can make a person very happy for the lucky few it comes without any guarantees and a lot of people move on with life but there are some who wish to make their own future and seek out a magic solution to the problem at hand.

There are many love spells to be found both online and offline and they are fairly simple and easy to use. Some love spells can even be used to target no specific person in mind and it is widely believed that placing red roses in the south west corner of your home helps attract the love of your life.

Simple Love Spell; Are They Really That Easy?

This simple love spell is called the “The Outdoor Fire Spell” and to perform this spell you will need to set-up a camp fire outside some place quite and without distraction. After preparing yourself mentally for the love spell by clearing your mind of any thoughts other than the one you want to attract, gaze into the fire and make sure you have a basket of laurel leaves between your knees, then use your left hand only and take a handful of leaves and throw them into the fire and as they catch fire say the following phase:

“Laurel leaves that burn in the fire, draw unto me my heart’s desire.”

After the flames die down repeat the same procedure again to increase the power of the love spell.
For many people finding true and lasting love can become very difficult. Many people often find a love spell can assist bring their soul life partner into their life.

 One of the most interesting stories about love spell casting in American history is about John Chapman, he is commonly known as Johnny Appleseed. Johnny traveled throughout the states and gave apple seeds to the new settlers. He didn’t wear shoes and his clothes were often torn and dirty, because of his appearance, Johnny left quite the impression on everyone he met along his way. The history apples in dating rituals have dating back hundreds of years and apples also appear in the bible and were used by the Greeks and Romans.

Simple Love Spell; The Truth

Apples have also been used by people who practice magic for centuries for a simple love spell because they allow powerful and simple love spells to be cast. The reason is simple, apples are red and red is the color of lust and love, so it is important to use only the reddest and juiciest apples when casting love spells.

You need the following items to create a very simple love spell:

1. A knife
2. A red apple
3. Rose petals
4. A pin white or red ribbon
5. A pink, red or white cloth large enough to wrap an apple in

Before you start, you must create your sacred circle and then consecrate each of the items you will be using in your love spell. The first step involves carving two hearts into your apple and the easiest way to do this is to cut at an angle. You might need to practice this so having a few extra apples won’t hurt. Place your completed apple at the center of your cloth and scatter the rose peddles around the apple.

There should be no excess hanging off the cloth, and then take the edges of the cloth and fold each edge upwards. Once this is done, use the ribbon to tie the both ends together. The ribbon needs to form a bow then place the apple outside during a full moon. Your apple package will be left out for several days. This package is supposed to draw out potential lovers, so it is important that you performing the whole love spell well, imagining a positive person entering your life. If you don’t do this, you could attract some attention from a person you will not like or is totally unsuitable.

When can you expect to see the results of your simple love spell?

That is the big question pertaining to all simple love spell castings and the answer is actually not very simple because every love spell casting is meant for a different case or situation. Every spell is different so every casting will produce different results in a different timeframe.

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