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Binding Spells For Love

by on January 19, 2012

Binding Spells For Love

 Binding Spells For Love

Binding spells for love are used as the name implies, they are used to bind or hold things. The usual reasons for casting this kind of spell is to bind a person or spirit in order to prevent it from doing harm to you, someone else, or itself.

Before you get started on binding spells, remember that like banishing spells and other revenge type of magick, they can be used in both positive and negative ways. There are certain kinds of binding spells which can be used negatively but always be careful to harm no one. If you disobey this core element of white magick then you of course will open yourself up to the ‘returned by 3’ rule which means that all the negative energy you have sent out into the universe will be returned to you but 3 times as powerful.

So you should always ask yourself, is it really worth it?

People use binding spells for love, to achieve victory in something, or to cause harm to another person. You must always be careful when attempting to bind spirits, because they tend to bind their selves to the caster of the spell so you must have a plan ready for it after it is bound. Do not let this scare you because if you are skilled enough to perform the binding spell successfully, then you will have no trouble handling any bound spirits.

Now we have that important information out of the way, let’s talk about the many ways that binding spells can be used in a positive manner and also in a way that does not cause negative effects or energy to be directed at another person. Binding magick can also take away the power of a negative influence that is trying to attack you so it does not bother or hurt you anymore.

Sometimes people like to use a binding spells for love but the spells are cast way too late! Instead of cementing a current bond between two consenting and already people in love, this spell is generally used as a last result by a desperate person within the relationship to try and stop a breakup. This rarely works because, in essence, it is not good to impose will on the object of the spell.

Binding Spells For Love That Work

Binding spells for love are one of the oldest types of magic that humans are familiar with and this type of spell could be found all over the world and was highly embraced in Greece and Rome during classical periods of time. Additional versions of the binding spell appeared throughout history including Europe’s Celts and ancient Egyptians. During these times, spirits or deities were summoned by the spell caster to make the spell achieve its best effects. Back in the 4th century, there was a popular method in Egypt where the Egyptians had a habit of creating little figurines in which pins were inserted in the figurines to bring out love and fidelity. The attention of spirits and deities had to be gained in order to have the best results.

For those of you who still wish for this type of spell here is a good example;

Love Binding Spell

You will need two photos; one of yourself and one of the other person you are trying to bind with. Use a sharp object like a knitting needle or a letter opener to poke two holes into the two photos, then using a yard of red ribbon, sew the two pictures together. Throughout this process you must chant out your desire in the form of a verse made up by yourself.

Let’s look at some other ways you can use binding spells. As I mentioned before, these types of spells work for the greater good by protecting potential victims and by lessening a negative influence. It is not used to directly attack a person no matter how bad or destructive the person might be.

Remember that when you try and bind another person from doing harm either by the rope and knots method or by the tight wrapping of an image method, you are still interfering with that person’s life journey and karma. But if you feel that the harm being done by this person to others is just too great to turn a blind eye then, to provide some form of safety and surety, always add the statement “if it is right to do so” at the end of your spell or ritual.

As mentioned earlier, the binding spell is often used for the sake of love; to keep a cheating spouse or unfaithful partner from straying again. Instead of begging endlessly for your partner to stop cheating, you can use a binding spell to ensure that your husband or wife will only “Bind” themselves to you.

Some men and women have used binding spells for love because of business competition, annoying or menacing neighbors, and for future lovers. A person may also use this spell in order to pair themselves up with a person of a higher social class or social status than them. Most often women have been using this spell to acquire a better social status.

Binding Spells For Love; The Truth

Throughout the Greco-Roman times, a man would use the binding spell to get his potential lovers, just as a woman of the same race may bind a lover into a relationship. At that time, most men would not use this spell to gain a long term relationship or wife but rather, bring a woman to his bed as a lover only. But a woman would most likely use this spell in order to gain a social position in the community and to gain assistance and approval in regards to getting married.

Due to the selfish nature of some humans, it is important to realize that binding spells cannot guarantee the best results for both man and woman. So in summary, remember that the true and best use of binding spells for love are to rid yourself of the negative energies of someone who is abusing you either mentally, physically or both so casting binding spells in this way will not harm the object of the spell and it won’t affect their daily life in any way.

It just makes the person powerless to mentally or emotionally harm you anymore.

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