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Full Moon Love Spells

by on January 19, 2012

Full Moon Love Spells


Full Moon Love Spells

If you are interested in casting full moon love spells this report will point you in the right direction. The full moon is the time to birth something significant in your life and it is the time for the love of your life, finding a new job, getting pregnant or healing a serious condition. If you are not sure how to find when a full moon will occur, simply do a search on the internet for “moon cycles calendar”.

The Moon, out of all cosmic entities is believed to possess the maximum strength and its power is really strong and this is to some extent not unknown to us. The tides and the other lunar phenomena are made possible by the moon and this is the reason why full moon love spells are considered so strong.

It is believed that a full moon can easily bring a lot of changes in your life. If you are tired of all the spells you have cast that seem to fail, then now is the right time for you to try something that works.

The power of the moon is infinite, so working a spell in its name is bound to give you remarkable results. Moon love spells work very well. Suppose you have tried your best to meet the person you love, but he does nothing but insult you again and again, but still you love him badly and want him to love you with a strong passion. This is very natural situation and many individuals go through it.

It is very painful when you love someone dearly and find him gone quite far away from you so now is the time to cast the full moon love spells, which is an easy way to make him return back to you.

Full Moon Love Spells That Work Fast

You are expected to perform the full moon love spells on a full moon night and the full moon love spells are not much of a hassle. You will need a piece of paper, a candle, a knife for engraving your name on the candle and quartz. Start by engraving your name on the candle and then make a wish and focus your mind. Look into the flame in front of your eyes and visualize your wish being fulfilled. You must feel that the moon is blessing you, and it is looking at you. The full moon love spell is really a blessing from the moon and the moon looks at you and charms you.

The moon’s blessing brings in positive energy into your life and the wish comes true when you grind the quartz and wear it as a neckpiece around your neck. You can also use rose petals to scatter all around you while casting the spell then preserve the petals in a string bag to keep the wish intact. During the full moon love spells, you must always meditate in order to get the best results.

Full Moon Love Spells; The Truth

It won’t take long for you to bring back all the lost love into your life and create the old charm again after casting the full moon love spells. I will now tell you a true story of someone who used full moon love spells to make positive changes in her life.

Susan had been trying to bring love into her life since her divorce and even though she was attractive, had plenty of friends and a full social calendar, finding that special partner seemed to elude her and this had been going on for almost six years.

She finally decided it was time to try something new.

Since Susan was a logical type of person, she never believed much in magic spells or anything out of the ordinary, however she had a girl friend that had great success using the Law of Attraction principles.

Susan thought it was not logical but she decided to try what her friend called positive affirmations and a vision board. This, however, did not bring her any results except a sore throat from avidly chanting away and a lot of dust from the unused vision board.

One day, on a walk home from the library, Susan passed a curious New Age store which had recently opened in her neighborhood and in the window was a sign with ‘full moon spells’ written on it. Susan chuckled to herself, a bit, at the utter silliness of it but she was fascinated and decided to go inside.

The lovely sales woman at the New Age shop asked, “How may I help you?” Susan, a bit embarrassed, muttered she was interested in learning more about the full moon spells. Susan left with a full moon spell which was a little expensive, but quite elaborate in its details.

Susan followed the instructions to the letter and was very amused and she was having fun with it. She thought, “If this works, I will be totally amazed, but it certainly I am having fun doing it!”
Two weeks later at a friend’s birthday party, Susan met a new man. He turned out to be someone with whom she really “clicked” and felt comfortable with. Within two months they were in the constant company of each other and within a year they were married.

Susan felt that perhaps the full moon spell made her relax and let go, it provided an integral step in bringing a new man into her life. The spell used by Susan was a very simple full moon spell to find love. It included a pink candle dressed with rose petal and patchouli essential oils. She lit the candle, said a prayer for the love she sought and then she let it burn down completely. After that, Susan just followed her intuitions about actions to take which is the main reason she decided to go to her friend’s birthday party.

If you are interested in bringing a new love into your life then gear up and prepare your full moon love spells for the next full moon night.

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