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Love Spell Chants

by on January 20, 2012

Love Spell Chants


Love Spell Chants 

White magic love spell chants remind you what the word enchanting truly means! The flow of pure and good energy that runs though a love spell chant or incantation is wonderful to experience firsthand.

There is also a great amount of flexibility within white magic spell chants and so you are free to shape them or tailor them to your needs as you see fit but I have included some basic tips to consider, leaving the actual examples to the very end.

In essence though, you will be aiming to both channel and conjure potent energy forces so, here is how to go about doing it:

1) At the heart of your white magic love spell chants must be a desire to use the universal powers for good only, which in means that you will channel respect and a sense of honor as strongly as you will channel your positive intentions.

2) You can use Goddesses or Gods and in your love spell chants to harness the strength of their noble traits.

3) Rhyming is not really essential to white magic spell chants but it can help you with a very important ingredient; to build up momentum. This is what you will need to create in an effective chant, something that sounds and feels good to say. It will help you to get absorbed and even carried away by your spell work. There is a meditative state that can come from chanting. Think of the chants of Buddhist and you will get an idea of what you want to aim for.

4) Use beads or something similar that you can use along with your words and you may associate this with the Catholic rosary beads because the principal is very much the same. It will help centre you and give you a focal point should you need one but most importantly it will add to the rhythm and give your chant a pulse.

5) If possible, walk in a circle or with purpose. This will depend of course on you having somewhere private enough to do this but it will really increase the power of your white magic love spell chants in that you will be engaging in your physicality and it is the perfect combination of body and soul.

6) White magic spell chants can take many shapes including; words that build to a peak, affirmations or as a simple sentence repeated as many times as you feel is necessary. When I say that words should build to a peak, I mean that you can start with ‘I pledge…I pledge to be true… I pledge to be true to my heart… I pledge to be true to my heart and follow my dreams’, etc.

You will be building your intentions or goals within the words to replicate the pattern of success that you hope to see manifest in your life and as you hope to accumulate success by your hard work in reality, your love chant will reflect this by becoming more effective with every stage.

Love Spell Chants That Work Immediately

When using affirmations in love spell chants you will need to establish where your current belief in yourself is letting you down. If it is because you don’t believe people like you, you will need to chant something like, ‘I am worthy of the love and respect of others’.

Repeated sentences are my personal favorite white magic love spell chants because I can lose myself totally in them. You should keep them simple and you don’t need to put all of the details into your wording. It is my preference to meditate before hand in order to get my desired purpose fixed into my mind, and then I take any visual cues I might need for my meditation and place them in front of me. You might get a rose for anything love related for instance. Having put in the work up front I can then simply relax and enjoy the incantation – something as simple as ‘I will flourish’ or ‘I will conquer’ will then be very effective.

Magic Spells whether they are Love or Money Spells have done wonders when they are in the form of chants and chanting can improve your mental and physical performance as well.

Did you know that university studies show that oxygen consumption during chanting reaches a level which is found in other people only after they had about seven hours sleep? And who doesn’t want a “good night’s sleep” in only 20 or 30 minutes?

Love Spell Chants; The Truth

What this can mean to you is at once exciting and earth-shaking because love spell chants can change your blood composition and increase your alpha brain waves. Consequently, you increase your physical and mental performance because of the new peace you experience within from chanting. Meditative chanting clears on the psyche and permits new energies to flow through into your daily life. This allows you to tap the vast reservoir of your unused mental capacity by chanting.

Chants of this type put you in touch with your inner self, help you to tap creative energy, permit you to function under stress and strain daily living. The following chants are at your disposal, to help you achieve the peace which precedes action, fulfillment, and effectiveness.

Here is one of my favorite chants for Relieving Stress:

I am calm, calm, calm
Restful, peaceful, tranquil
Pressures come, pressures go
I am calm, calm, calm.

Void, void, void is pressure
Take away, take away, take away all
Void, void, void is heaviness
Take away, take away, take away all.

Pac, O Pac, god of Peace
I intone your name for rest and ease

Begone, stress; begone, O strain
Relieve me now of pressing pair;
Begone, O burden: begone, O toil
Implant my very peace in willing soil.

(Repeat at least ten times in a hushed whisper.)

Here is a chant that I like to use to expand awareness, clarify my thoughts, and enhance creativity:

Say this Chant
Guru, Guru. Light my Life
Guru, Guru, lift my heart
Guru, Guru, all-knowing Guru
Show me in, show me out.

Whispering palms of peace and rest come waiting through my very being like gentle wings of doves of love.

(Repeat at least ten times in a hushed whisper.)

Good chants for improved efficiency:

Competence, skill, ingenuity and talent, give to me excellence, achievement, and success. Fill me, lift me, imbue me, pervade me. Competence, skill, ingenuity and talent, be friendly and gracious to me this day.

Ability, ability, fill my veins, Stability, stability, be my reins. Give me peace, give me power, sharpen my wits, heighten my capacity. Ability, stability, capability are mine this day.

I am restful, peaceful, better and greater. Creative thought emerges from within, increases my powers, lifts me up. Rest, peace, efficiency, mine to have, mine to hold, mine to use.

One of my favorate chants for well-being:

Energy charging
Ideas enlarging
Focus pointing
My efforts anointing.

Tranquility, silence, quietude, health. These I make my own; these I conjure for aid, support, and succor. Peace is mine, strength is mine, effectiveness is mine. Stillness to my mind, rest to my body, height to my spirit, nimbleness to my fingers, adroitness to my movement, excellence to my act. Strength to my muscle, vitality to my blood, life to my limb, power to my brain.

Remember that when you first start chanting, extraneous thoughts may interferes with your progress, but with perseverance and determination, you will eventually find yourself floating in free space, so learn to speak-by your passing thoughts and become more aware of the you inside your body.

This is called the state of being, a psychic condition which is conducive to the peace and power you want but how you position yourself in order to chant depends entirely on you. Some chanters like to sit straight in a char, close their eyes and intone the chant but I know people who chant mentally and quite well in subways, buses, automobiles, and in offices during working hours.

I hope you enjoy working on your white magic love spell chants and find success in using them!

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